Japan's Wheelchair Tennis Star Kunieda Wins His 8th French Open Title

Japan's wheelchair tennis star Kunieda wins his 8th French Open title

Japanese wheelchair tennis players advanced to the finals of both men's and women's singles of the French Open on Saturday.

In the men's singles, Kunieda Shingo, the world number two, took on third-ranked Argentinian Gustavo Fernandez.

The 38-year-old Kunieda won the first set 6-2. But Fernandez overwhelmed him in the second set with power shots, beating him 7-5.

In the final set, Kunieda beat his 28-year-old opponent with precise shots and brilliant returns, winning the set 7-5.

Kunieda dominated the nearly three-hour match to clinch his 8th French Open title.

In the women's final, the world's top Dutch player, Diede de Groot, defeated second-ranked Kamiji Yui of Japan 6-4 and 6-1.

Kamiji was trying to win her fifth French Open title.