Electric Eel Lights Up Christmas Tree In Central Japan

Electric eel lights up Christmas tree in central Japan

A Christmas tree decorated with ornaments lit up by an electric eel is on display at an aquarium in central Japan for the holiday season.

The tree stands near the entrance to the aquarium, Aquatotto Gifu, in the city of Kakamigahara. Next to the tree is a tank containing an electric eel.

The display takes advantage of such eels' ability to generate about 600 volts of electricity to stun their prey.

When the eel in the tank finds a shrimp or other prey, it generates electricity that brightly lights up the blue ornaments and a star on the tree.

A third-grader who saw the tree light up said he was impressed. He added that it's really amazing that the creature produces electricity.

Curator Yashiro Ayako told NHK that she hopes the illumination will give people a sense of festivity and spark interest in electric eels.

The Christmas tree will be on display until December 26.