Olympic Flame To Travel Japan Without Torch Relay

Olympic flame to travel Japan without torch relay

NHK has learned that the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee has decided not to hold a torch relay, but will instead use a lantern to carry the Olympic flame across Japan.

Officials close to the matter say the committee decided that the torch relay won't come until it reaches a final conclusion with the International Olympic Committee on whether or not to postpone the Games.


Olympic Torch Relay To Start As Planned

Olympic torch relay to start as planned

The International Olympic Committee has decided to start discussions with Japanese organizers about the future of the Tokyo Games, including the possibility of a postponement. The IOC plans to reach a decision within four weeks.

But the sources say the Olympic torch relay will start in Fukushima Prefecture next Thursday as scheduled.


Olympic Flame Arrives In Japan

Olympic flame arrives in Japan

The Olympic flame for the Tokyo 2020 Games has arrived in Japan from Greece.

A special transport plane carrying the flame landed at the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force's Matsushima Base in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, shortly after 9:30 a.m. on Friday, 90 minutes earlier than scheduled.


Tokyo Receives Olympic Flame From Greece

Tokyo receives Olympic flame from Greece

The Olympic flame has been handed over to Tokyo at a ceremony in Athens. The flame will leave for Japan on a special flight on Thursday.

The event was held at the ancient Panathenaic Stadium in Athens around noon on Thursday.


French Olympic Head Comments On 2020 Games

French Olympic head comments on 2020 games

The head of the French Olympic Committee says the coronavirus pandemic must have reached its peak by the end of May for the Tokyo Olympics to be held on schedule.

Denis Masseglia made the remark in a telephone interview with the Reuters news agency on Monday.


Suga: Japan Intends To Hold Olympics As Scheduled

Suga: Japan intends to hold Olympics as scheduled

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says the country will continue preparations to host the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games as scheduled this summer.

Suga was speaking to reporters on Tuesday morning after the Group of Seven leaders held an extraordinary video conference to coordinate their response to the new coronavirus outbreak.


Spring High School Baseball Tournament Canceled

Spring high school baseball tournament canceled

The organizers of Japan's annual spring invitational high school baseball tournament have canceled this year's event amid the spread of the new coronavirus.

The organizers planned to hold the popular event at Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, without spectators in response to the outbreak.


Ioc Head May Watch Olympic Baseball In Fukushima

IOC head may watch Olympic baseball in Fukushima

NHK has learned that arrangements are under way for International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach to watch the 2020 Olympics' first baseball game, which will take place in Fukushima Prefecture.

An underlying theme of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics is recovery from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan and triggered a nuclear accident in Fukushima.


Start Of Japanese Pro Baseball Season Postponed

Start of Japanese pro baseball season postponed

Japan's professional baseball season will start later than scheduled amid fears of the new coronavirus outbreak. The season was due to open on March 20.

Representatives of 12 pro baseball clubs met in Tokyo on Monday and unanimously decided to delay the start of the season and aim to open in April.


Soccer, Baseball Advised To Delay Season Openings

Soccer, baseball advised to delay season openings

A panel of experts says Japan's professional baseball and J-League soccer should postpone the start of their official seasons scheduled for next week due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

A liaison task force of the two sports groups held a second meeting behind closed doors on Monday to work together in responding to the outbreak.


Grand Sumo Tournament Opens Without Spectators

Grand Sumo Tournament opens without spectators

The Spring Grand Sumo Tournament opened on Sunday in Osaka, western Japan, without spectators as part of measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Wrestlers and stable masters arrived at the gymnasium by car or taxi. They were told to refrain from using trains, buses and other public transportation to avoid catching the virus.


Momota Says He Will Aim For Gold At Tokyo Olympics

Momota says he will aim for gold at Tokyo Olympics

Japanese badminton star Kento Momota says he aims to win gold at the Tokyo Olympic Games. He held his first news conference following a car accident in Malaysia.

Momota suffered extensive bruising all over his body when a car carrying him and others rear-ended a truck while heading to Kuala Lumpur's international airport in January.


Japan Goes Ahead With Olympic Preparations

Japan goes ahead with Olympic preparations

Japan's top government spokesperson says Tokyo will steadily proceed with its preparations for the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga made the remark on Wednesday, following a statement from the International Olympic Committee.


Japan Preparing For Olympic Torch Despite Virus

Japan preparing for Olympic torch despite virus

A Japanese Cabinet minister says organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are working on preparations for the torch relay to be held later this month as planned.

The relay is scheduled to start on March 26 in Fukushima Prefecture.