Voice Actors Such As Kensho Ono, Atsushi Tamaru, And Nobunaga Shimazaki Participating In The New Idol Project 'station Idol Latch!'

STATION IDOL LATCH!A completely new idol project "STATION IDOL LATCH!" in which the characters of station staff at each station on the Yamanote Line play an active role as idols after business hours, will start with the supervision and cooperation of East Japan Railway Company. Recently, the teaser video of the project has been lifted with the participation of gorgeous voice actors such as Kensho Ono, Atsushi Tamaru, and Nobunaga Shimazaki. Listening to all these amazing voice actors take their turns to sing, can be as exciting as playing at Casino Free roulette in japanese.

In this project, 30 unique idols who have taken in all 30 stations of the Yamanote Line running in the 23 wards of Tokyo and the characteristics of the city as essences will appear. Focusing on idol activities that liven up the city, while interweaving the appearance of working as a station employee, through station love, town love, friendship, etc., while chasing the conflict, growth, and bonds of 30 people who share dreams. A story that energizes the idol life is spun.

Focusing on the voice drama that is released every week on YouTube, they are preparing various ways to enjoy music such as music releases, events and live performances, fan participation type planning, and in the future, it will also be a tie-up plan to liven up the city. It is a dream project that has the potential to spread. As the first voice cast, Kensho Ono plays the role of Suzune Tokaibayashi (Tokyo Station), Atsushi Tamaru plays the role of Yuihime Shindo (Shinjuku Station), and Nobunaga Shimazaki plays the role of Nobunaga Aoba (Ikebukuro Station). The appointment of other voice actors has also been announced. In addition, Tetsuei Sumiya plays the role of Sora Base (Otsuka Station), and Masahiro Ito plays the role of Kaiharu Suwa (Nishi-Nippori Station). In addition, Ryodai Aoyama, who was selected as the semi-grand Prix in last year's "33rd Junon Super Boy Contest", was selected as the role of Yuya Takeyo (Takadanobaba Station). A variety of casts from young people to veterans are scheduled to participate in the future, and the project will be even more exciting.

The theme song "LATCH! -It's the Door of the Future-" that colors the work is written by Yukinojo Mori, who works on many of Japan's most famous artists, anime, and stage, and composed by Hey! Say! JUMP and Tomo Hirate. It was produced with Mr. Yuki Tsujimura and Mr. Ken Ito, who have made great strides in providing songs to Rina.

Here is what Kenshō Ono had to say about the project: “When I first heard about the project, I found it very interesting that the station staff on the Yamanote Line was doing idol activities. The idols also reflect the characteristics of the station and the city, and I am looking forward to playing them in the future. I think that Tokyo Station itself is evolving steadily while retaining the good old atmosphere, so I hope I can show you how it continues to grow with Tokairin. We would be grateful if you could support us so that the content will continue for a long time without a terminal station like the Yamanote Line.”

Atsushi Tamaru was also very excited to participate in STATION IDOL LATCH! “I found it very interesting to be an idol tied to a station. Shinjuku is in charge of Shinjuku station. It was a familiar station that I also have used a lot. I am very happy to be in charge of such a station. They are idols carrying the station on their backs, but they also went to the scene with the feeling of carrying the station on their backs as well as the works and characters. I hope everyone will feel about the shrine when they pass through Shinjuku station in the future.”

Nobunaga Shimazaki is looking forward to working with other big voice actors “I found the concept of "station staff idol" interesting. It is not anthropomorphic, it's just a station employee. And since Aoba Owl and others are a legend trio, I would like to make Ikebukuro Station and the Yamanote Line liven up with friends while giving a nice feeling of legend and senior style. Thank you very much!”

The project will be released weekly on YouTube and the first three episodes will be available already on June 3rd. Fans are already getting impatient on Twitter and can not wait to listen to their favourite voice actors’ performances.