Nintendo Will Soon Start Selling Individual Joy - Cons For $40

Nintendo Will Soon Start Selling Individual Joy-Cons For $40

If you wanted to buy a new Joy-Con to replace your current Joy-Con on your Nintendo Switch, you’d typically need to buy them in a pair, which is pretty expensive at $80, especially if you only need one. However, the good news is that according to a tweet by the company, it seems that they will soon start to sell Joy-Cons individually.

The company notes that starting on the 9th of November, they will be selling Joy-Cons individually where they will be priced starting at $40 each. It should be noted that previously, the company did sell individual Joy-Cons, but they were priced at $50 each, not to mention they were pretty hard to come by.

However, this announcement would seem to suggest that gamers looking to buy standalone Joy-Con controllers will be able to find them easily and they will also be slightly cheaper. We’re not sure what prompted this change, but perhaps it could do with a lawsuit that Nintendo is currently facing over the drifting issue in the Joy-Cons.

Starting on 11/9, single #NintendoSwitch Joy-Con controllers will be available for purchase for $39.99. Choose from the left Joy-Con controller in Neon Blue, and the right Joy-Con controller in Neon Red.

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) October 23, 2020

For those unfamiliar, the Switch’s Joy-Cons have been found to drift over time. This means that the analog stick will register movement even if the user is not touching it, which can be annoying as in some cases, it can make games unplayable.

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