Steam Will Now Support Sony's New Ps5 Dualsense Controller

Steam Will Now Support Sony's New PS5 DualSense Controller

Valve has announced over the weekend that they’ve added support for the DualSense controller. What this means is that games that support controller input will also support the DualSense, although given that the DualSense wasn’t designed for PC gaming in mind, and PC games weren’t necessarily created around it, you might miss out on certain features that would otherwise be available for the PS5.

However, for the most part it should still be more than capable of playing games, so if you’re just looking for controller support, you’ll have an additional option in the form of the DualSense controller. Right now, Steam supports a multitude of different controllers made by various companies, including the PS4’s controller, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and more.

According to Valve, “In the past two years, the number of daily average users playing a Steam game with a controller has more than doubled, with millions enjoying the growing catalog of controller-friendly titles everyday. In controller friendly games, the percentage of players for that game that use a controller can easily be 60% or higher.” //ref=""; var ref = document.referrer; if (ref) { if (ref.match(/^https?:\/\/([^\/]+\.)?smartnews\.com(\/|$)/i)) { document.write("Add us to Smartnews: open this link Add to Smartnews and open the app. That's it!"); } if (ref.match(/^https?:\/\/([^\/]+\.)?\.com(\/|$)/i)) { document.write("Follow Ubergizmo on Google News: go to our Google News page and click 'Follow'. That's it!"); } }

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