Canon Will Now Sell Its Image Sensors To Third - Party Companies

Canon Will Now Sell Its Image Sensors To Third-Party Companies

Given how many smartphones are sold every year, it’s actually quite a lucrative business, so it’s not hard to see why even Canon wants in on the action. The company has recently confirmed that they too will start selling their CMOS sensors to third-party companies who might need to use their technology.

According to Canon, “Canon has been manufacturing CMOS sensors since 2000 for exclusive use in Canon products. Building on that expertise and success, Canon is now committed to starting external sales to collaborate with various industries. Canon CMOS sensors feature unique designs to meet the needs of demanding vision applications.”

The company’s website also highlights the various sensors that they have created so far, with various sensors created for different purposes. It’s not surprising that Canon would make such a move. As we take more photos with our phones, the need for a dedicated camera, at least by non-professionals, is starting to dwindle. Branching out and selling their tech to third-party companies is a good way to pull in revenue from other sources, although we’re not sure if this could mean that maybe the company could also be interested in making sensors for smartphones as well.

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