Ps5's Ssd Expansion Card Will Cost $115

PS5's SSD Expansion Card Will Cost $115

Unfortunately unlike PCs where you can easily expand on the storage by inserting a new hard drive, it’s a different story for consoles, and this is why expansion cards are being sold for consoles. Sony’s upcoming PS5 will support SSD expansion cards and now thanks to a sighting at Walmart, it is expected to cost $115.

The version spotted at Walmart is for the 500GB model, so it is possible that if you’re looking to expand to 1TB, you could pay as much as $200 for it, if not more. To give you some context, this is roughly the same price you might pay for the Xbox Series X’s expansion card. We previously reported that a sighting for the card in Australia listed it for about $250 after conversion, so like we said, it’s going to be roughly around that price range.

These storage expansion cards will be more or less a necessity unless you’re going to be micromanaging your console’s storage. Given that games these days use a lot of high-resolution graphics, they do take up more space than games that were released 10 years ago. As such, even though the PS5 comes with 1TB of storage (about 800+GB of usable storage), you could end up filling that hard drive faster than you’d like.

Sony has confirmed that SSD expansion cards will be available for the PS5, but they stopped short of mentioning which brands to look out for or how much they will cost, so take this leak with a grain of salt for now.

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