Retailer Fights Against Ps5 Scalpers By Mercilessly Canceling Orders

Retailer Fights Against PS5 Scalpers By Mercilessly Canceling Orders

Right now, people or groups who are buying up PS5 consoles and reselling them at a marked up price are a huge problem. From what we’ve noticed, a lot of these scalpers are trying to sell the consoles at almost double the retail price that online retailers are selling the console at, and are netting a pretty decent profit out of it.

That being said, a report from Kotaku has revealed that over in South Korea, one retailer by the name Gamewoori is trying to fight against these scalpers by taking a no-mercy approach and outright cancelling orders if they are found to be bought for the intention of resale. According to the retailer’s Instagram, they claim that if they find any evidence that one of their customers is trying to resell their pre-order at marked up prices, they will cancel their orders, even if payment has already been made (presumably they will refund these orders).

They are also encouraging people to look online and see if other people, who bought from Gamewoori, are also reselling their pre-orders and to report it to their Instagram or forums. The retailer also says that the cancelled units will be allocated towards the next round of pre-orders. That being said, we’re not sure if there are any legal issues with companies cancelling pre-orders that have already been paid for, but hopefully it will discourage scalpers.

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