Sony Ps5's Name Has Been Trademark In India, Except It Wasn't By Sony

Sony PS5's Name Has Been Trademark In India, Except It Wasn't By Sony

While Sony has been opening up pre-orders for its PS5 around the world, India has oddly been left off the list. Obviously Sony isn’t going to ignore such a massive market such as India, so what’s the deal? As it turns out, it could be a legal issue because it appears that someone in India has trademarked the PS5 name, and it wasn’t Sony.

According to a report from The Mako Reactor, a Delhi resident by the name of Hitesh Awani had actually filed for the trademark for the PS5 name back in October 2019, based on public records. This would have effectively prevented Sony from using the name, which would be problematic if they wanted to launch the console in India.

However, it seems that Sony is already working on trying to get it sorted where the trademark application has been marked as “Opposed”, suggesting that Sony might have filed for some kind of request to get the name back. We’re not sure if this can be completed in time, but until it does, it looks like the PS5’s launch in India could be delayed.

It’s actually kind of surprising that Sony did not catch this earlier, or did not trademark the name in advance. After all, back in 2019 a trademark filing was spotted for the PS brand going up to the PS10. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see how this is resolved.

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