Kishida: Japan Must Have System To Show Counterstrikes Not Preemptive Attacks

Kishida: Japan must have system to show counterstrikes not preemptive attacks

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio says Japan must set up a system that clearly shows its counterstrikes are not pre-emptive attacks, when the country faces missile attacks.

Kishida said at an Upper House budget committee meeting on Wednesday that Japan must be fully-equipped to protect people's lives and livelihoods amid rapidly evolving missile and other technologies.


Japan's Governing Parties Aim To Agree On 'counterstrike Capabilities'

Japan's governing parties aim to agree on 'counterstrike capabilities'

Japan's governing parties have confirmed that they will try to reach an agreement on Friday on the country's capabilities to conduct counterattacks on enemy missile-launching sites among others.

Lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and coalition partner Komeito discussed the issue on Wednesday at their eighth working-level talks.


Tokyo Court: Non - Recognition Of Same - Sex Marriage Constitutional

Tokyo court: Non-recognition of same-sex marriage constitutional

A Japanese court has ruled that not recognizing same-sex marriages is constitutional. It dismissed plaintiffs' claim for government compensation, saying current legal provisions cannot be ruled unconstitutional.

The Tokyo District Court handed down the ruling on Wednesday in a damages suit filed against the government by eight plaintiffs, including same-sex couples. The plaintiffs argued that provisions in the civil code and other legislation that don't recognize same-sex unions are unconstitutional.


Researchers: Efficacy Of Alzheimer's Treatment Drug Confirmed

Researchers: Efficacy of Alzheimer's treatment drug confirmed

An international research group conducting final-phase clinical trials on a new treatment drug for Alzheimer's disease says it has confirmed the drug's efficacy in slowing the progression of the illness.

The Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai has been testing the drug lecanemab together with the University of Tokyo, Yale University's School of Medicine and others.


Scandal - Hit Japanese Cabinet Minister Refuses To Step Down

Scandal-hit Japanese Cabinet minister refuses to step down

Japan's Reconstruction Minister Akiba Kenya has refused to step down from his Cabinet post amid calls from the opposition camp that he resign.

The Liberal Democrat has been mired in scandals over a possible election violation, political funds and alleged links to the controversial religious group formerly known as the Unification Church.


Sources: Ldp Lawmaker's Secretary Says 40 Mil. Yen In Political Funds Unreported

Sources: LDP lawmaker's secretary says 40 mil. yen in political funds unreported

A secretary of a Japanese Lower House lawmaker has reportedly told prosecutors about a failure to list income totaling about 40 million yen, or about 290,000 dollars, in a political funds report.

Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Sonoura Kentaro's political fund management group had last year corrected its report to include funds worth 2 million yen, or about 14,500 dollars, collected at a fund-raising party in 2019.


Private Japanese Lunar Lander Attached To Us Rocket To Be Launched

Private Japanese lunar lander attached to US rocket to be launched

A Japanese venture firm is about to launch what could become the first privately-funded spacecraft to land on the moon. The spacecraft will be carried by a US rocket.

The unmanned lunar lander was developed by Tokyo-based start-up ispace. The rocket carrying the lander will be launched by US firm SpaceX from the state of Florida.


Police: University Professor Stabbed Right After Lecture

Police: University professor stabbed right after lecture

Tokyo police say the suspect who stabbed a university professor on Tuesday may have known the victim's work schedule in advance. The attacker is still at large.

Sociologist and Tokyo Metropolitan University Professor Miyadai Shinji was stabbed by a man at the university's Minami-Osawa campus in the city of Hachioji.


Tokyo Court To Hand Down Ruling On Same - Sex Marriage

Tokyo court to hand down ruling on same-sex marriage

The Tokyo District Court is set to hand down a ruling in a damages lawsuit claiming that the government's non-recognition of same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

The eight plaintiffs argued that the inability of same-sex couples to marry disregards the principles of freedom and equality guaranteed by the Constitution. The Japanese civil code does not allow such marriages. The plaintiffs include same-sex couples living in Tokyo.