University Professor Stabbed At Tokyo Campus

University professor stabbed at Tokyo campus

A university employee has been taken to hospital after he was violently attacked at a campus in Tokyo. Investigative sources say the victim is a sociologist and professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Miyadai Shinji.

Police received a report at about 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday that a man had been stabbed at the university's Minami-Osawa campus in the city of Hachioji.


Ex - Unification Church Victims Call For Effective Relief Bill

Ex-Unification Church victims call for effective relief bill

Families of people who donated large sums of money to the religious group previously known as the Unification Church say proposed legislation to help those affected is not enough. They say it should take into account the reality of their suffering.

The Japanese government's planned legislation is aimed at providing relief to victims of the religious group and other entities.


Lower House Passes Second Supplementary Budget Bill To Tackle Inflation

Lower House passes second supplementary budget bill to tackle inflation

Japan's Lower House has passed a second supplementary budget for the current fiscal year to tackle soaring prices. The bill was sent to the Upper House.

The budget passed on Tuesday totals about 28.9 trillion yen, or about 209 billion dollars, including funding for measures to ease the burden of surging electricity and gas bills for households and companies.


Convicts Seek Injunction Against Execution By Hanging, Claiming Cruelty

Convicts seek injunction against execution by hanging, claiming cruelty

Three death row inmates in Japan are seeking an injunction against their executions, claiming the death penalty by hanging is cruel and unconstitutional.

The three convicts held at the Osaka Detention House in western Japan filed a lawsuit demanding such an injunction. They were convicted more than a decade ago. Two are seeking a retrial.


Japanese Swordsmiths Perform Ancient Ritual In Wish For Peace

Japanese swordsmiths perform ancient ritual in wish for peace

For the first time in almost a century, swordsmiths have performed a traditional ritual at a Shinto shrine in a western Japanese town famous for making swords.

The sword-forging ritual was held at the Yukie Shrine in Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture, which has been a place of worship for swordsmiths since ancient times. A local group organized the event to forge a sword with a wish for world peace as an offering to the shrine.


Adk, Dentsu Group Companies Raided Over Alleged Tokyo Games Bid - Rigging

ADK, Dentsu group companies raided over alleged Tokyo Games bid-rigging

Investigators probing alleged bid-rigging involving test events for last year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have raided more targets, including two group companies of major Japanese advertising agencies.

Tokyo prosecutors and the Japan Fair Trade Commission on Tuesday searched the offices of ADK Marketing Solutions and Dentsu Live, and other locations.


Japan Govt.: Children Can Chat During School Lunches With Proper Measures

Japan govt.: Children can chat during school lunches with proper measures

Japan's education ministry has notified prefectural officials that children will be allowed to chat during school lunches now that the government's anti-coronavirus rules have changed.

The government's basic measures to deal with the coronavirus urged people to eat or drink only in small groups, and to refrain from speaking with each other. But this passage was deleted last Friday in a revision.


Japan's Supreme Court To Investigate Disposal Of High - Profile Trial Records

Japan's Supreme Court to investigate disposal of high-profile trial records

The Supreme Court of Japan has decided to investigate how records were handled in about 100 high-profile juvenile and civil trials after it recently came to light that some of the records have been discarded.

The court has instructed lower courts across Japan to permanently keep records of juvenile and civil trials that had a social impact and were deemed to be deserving of preservation.


Japan's Prime Minister Kishida Orders Defense Budget Rise To 2% Of Gdp

Japan's Prime Minister Kishida orders defense budget rise to 2% of GDP

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is ordering a significant increase in defense spending in five years. It comes as the ruling coalition has been raising concerns about security around Japan.

Kishida met with the defense and finance ministers on Monday. He told them he wants defense spending to rise to 2 percent of Japan's GDP in fiscal 2027.


Judo Experts To Study How To Use Sport's Techniques To Prevent Falls In Elderly

Judo experts to study how to use sport's techniques to prevent falls in elderly

The All Japan Judo Federation is working on a new project to use the sport's techniques to help elderly people avoid falls.

Japan's health ministry says the number of people aged 65 or older who died as the result of a fall has been on rise, with more than 8,800 deaths reported in 2020. That's about four times the number of people in the same age group who died in traffic accidents.


Japan's Pm: Defense - Related Budget Will Be Raised To 2% Of Gdp In Fy2027

Japan's PM: Defense-related budget will be raised to 2% of GDP in FY2027

Japan's Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has instructed ministers to raise the annual defense and other related budgets to 2 percent of the country's gross domestic product in fiscal 2027.

Kishida met with Defense Minister Hamada Yasukazu and Finance Minister Suzuki Shunichi on Monday evening. He told them he will decide how to ensure an increase in defense spending after reviewing both revenue and expenditures by yearend. He urged the two to discuss the matter with the ruling coalition parties.


Japan Jobless Rate Unchanged At 2.6% In Oct.

Japan jobless rate unchanged at 2.6% in Oct.

Japan's unemployment rate stayed unchanged in October from the previous month at 2.6 percent in seasonally adjusted terms.

The Internal Affairs ministry says the number of jobless people fell below 1.8 million, down for the 16th month in a row.