Japan Govt. Decides To Spend Big On Innovative Start - Ups

Japan govt. decides to spend big on innovative start-ups

The Japanese government on Monday decided a plan to sharply increase investment in innovative start-ups at a meeting of the Council of New Form of Capitalism Realization.

The goal of the council is to realize what Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has called "a new form of capitalism."


Two Plant Workers Die After Being Buried Under Wood

Two plant workers die after being buried under wood

Two of three workers rescued on Monday who were buried under a pile of scrap wood that fell on them have died. But the third worker in the accident at a plant of a building-materials maker in central Japan is expected to fully recovery.

Firefighters say they received an emergency call from the Chiyoda Ute plant in Kawagoe Town, Mie Prefecture, around 11:20 a.m. that morning.


Japanese Journalist Freed By Myanmar Talks To Press

Japanese journalist freed by Myanmar talks to press

A Japanese journalist freed from prison in Myanmar earlier this month spoke to reporters in Tokyo on Monday. Kubota Toru called for more awareness about the human rights situation in the country and urged the ruling military to improve it.

Kubota was held by security authorities in Yangon in July for filming protests against the junta while on a tourist visa. He had been facing a total of 10 years' imprisonment on charges including violating the immigration law.


African Female Leaders Discuss Food Supply At Intl. Conference In Tokyo

African female leaders discuss food supply at intl. conference in Tokyo

Female leaders from African countries attending an international conference in Tokyo have stressed the need to take measures to ensure a stable food supply.

The first Asia Pacific Africa Women's Economic Exchange Summit opened on Monday. The conference was organized by a Japanese organization supporting African nations. Participants include female leaders from seven African countries, such as Uganda and Malawi and Japanese lawmakers.


Japan To Promote Measures To Raise Number Of Childbirths

Japan to promote measures to raise number of childbirths

Japan's top government spokesperson says the government will promote comprehensive measures to help increase the number of childbirths.

The health ministry released a preliminary report last week that about 599,000 babies were born in the country from January through September. The figure, including births to foreign nationals, is down about 30,000 from a year earlier.


Pac - 3 Interceptor Drill Held For First Time Near Nuclear Power Plant

PAC-3 interceptor drill held for first time near nuclear power plant

Japan's Air Self-Defense Force has carried out a drill to deploy ground-based PAC-3 interceptor missiles near a nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture.

The exercise was conducted on Monday along the coast in the town of Ohi, where Kansai Electric Power Company's Ohi nuclear power plant is located. It was the first time a drill involving the PAC-3 system was carried out in a municipality hosting a nuclear power plant.