British Court Mulls Extradition Of Suspected Jewelry Thieves To Japan

British court mulls extradition of suspected jewelry thieves to Japan

NHK has learned that three British men suspected of robbing a jewelry store in Tokyo have been detained in Britain. A court in the country is holding a hearing to decide whether to extradite them to Japan.

They allegedly forced their way into the store in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward in November 2015. They are accused of seriously injuring a security guard and stealing jewelry.


Japan's Ruling Parties Agree On Counterstrike Ability

Japan's ruling parties agree on counterstrike ability

Japan's ruling coalition said the country should be able to launch a "counterstrike" if it's targeted by an armed attack. It's set to be one of the biggest changes to Japanese security policy since the end of World War Two.

The main Liberal Democratic Party and its junior coalition partner Komeito held talks on Friday. They said Japan's current system is poorly equipped to deal with growing threats in the region.


Japanese Govt. Considers 50% Increase In 5 - Year Defense Budget

Japanese govt. considers 50% increase in 5-year defense budget

Japanese government officials have agreed on a plan to set total defense spending for the next five fiscal years at 40 to 43 trillion yen, or around 300 billion dollars.

They discussed the appropriate amount after Prime Minister Kishida Fumio instructed ministers to raise the annual defense and other related budgets to 2 percent of the country's gross domestic product in fiscal 2027.


Japanese Govt. Submits Relief Bill For Victims Of Religious Groups

Japanese govt. submits relief bill for victims of religious groups

Japan's government has put forward a bill to help the financial victims of religious corporations.

That includes the religious group, formally known as the Unification Church, which has been in the spotlight since the man who shot former prime minister Abe Shinzo cited its exploitation of his family as his motivation.


Japan's Princess Aiko Turns 21

Japan's Princess Aiko turns 21

Princess Aiko, the daughter of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, turned 21 on Thursday.

The Princess has been performing official duties as an adult member of the Imperial family since coming of age last year.


Japan, Us Launch Joint Intel - Sharing Unit

Japan, US launch joint intel-sharing unit

Japan's Self-Defense Forces and US forces in Japan have launched a joint unit that will share, analyze and process information gathered from their assets, including drones and vessels.

The Japan-US Bilateral Intelligence Analysis Cell, or BIAC, was set up at the US Yokota Air Base in Tokyo.