Japan's Pro Baseball Teams To Discuss Nippon - Ham's Substandard Stadium

Japan's pro baseball teams to discuss Nippon-Ham's substandard stadium

Representatives of Japan's 12 professional baseball teams are expected to discuss the undersized field of the new stadium of one of the teams, the Nippon-Ham Fighters, next week. The field reportedly fails to meet the country's official baseball rules.

The stadium is currently under construction in the city of Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido. It is about 95 percent complete ahead of its opening scheduled for next March.


Ski Slope Opens At The Foot Of Mt. Fuji

Ski slope opens at the foot of Mt. Fuji

A ski slope at the foot of Mount Fuji became the first ski resort in Japan to open for the season on Friday.

The operator of the Yeti resort in central Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture has been using snowmaking equipment to create a snow-covered slope since October 11. About 550 tons of artificial snow has fallen on the slope every day.


Ichiro, Matsuzaka Play Baseball With High School Girls Team

Ichiro, Matsuzaka play baseball with high school girls team

Two Japanese baseball legends, Suzuki Ichiro and Matsuzaka Daisuke, have played in an amateur game against a women's team made up of high school students.

The game between Ichiro's amateur club and a select team of girls high school baseball players took place at the Tokyo Dome on Thursday following the first such game last year.


55 - Year - Old 'kazu' Sets Soccer League Record As Oldest Player To Score

55-year-old 'Kazu' sets soccer league record as oldest player to score

Miura Kazuyoshi has set a new record as the oldest player to score in the highest level of the Japanese amateur soccer league.

The 55-year-old star, who used to play in the country's top J1 league, now belongs to Suzuka Point Getters in the Japan Football League, or JFL. His team played FC Tiamo Hirakata in Osaka Prefecture on Sunday.


Crying Sumo Contest For Babies Returns

Crying sumo contest for babies returns

A crying sumo contest for babies has returned to a shrine in central Japan after a more than two-year break because of the pandemic.

The annual affair at Gokoku Shrine in Fukui Prefecture is designed to pray for the healthy growth of children.