Former Wrestler, Ex - Lawmaker Antonio Inoki Dies At 79

Former wrestler, ex-lawmaker Antonio Inoki dies at 79

Former Japanese professional wrestling star and ex-lawmaker Antonio Inoki has died at the age of 79. Inoki, known for his many visits to North Korea to meet top officials, died from heart failure on Saturday morning.

He started his career as a professional wrestler at the age of 17, and founded a professional wrestling promotion company, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, in 1972.


Japan's Olympic Committee Chief Vows No More Bribery Scandals

Japan's Olympic Committee chief vows no more bribery scandals

The president of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Yamashita Yasuhiro, has vowed to take measures to prevent a recurrence of a bribery scandal that involved a Tokyo Games official.

A former organizing committee executive of last year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was arrested on August 17 for suspected bribery in relation to the Games' sponsorship and licensing contracts. Tokyo prosecutors also arrested three senior officials from a sponsor firm.


Tokyo Prosecutors Investigating Why Only One Publisher Got Olympic Contract

Tokyo prosecutors investigating why only one publisher got Olympic contract

Tokyo prosecutors are looking into why only one publishing company was chosen for a sponsorship contract for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Sources say the organizers of the Games initially planned to have two major publishing firms as sponsors.

Takahashi Haruyuki, a former Tokyo Games organizing committee executive, was served a fresh arrest warrant on Tuesday.


Osaka - Based Ad Firm Raided Over Tokyo Olympics Bribery Case

Osaka-based ad firm raided over Tokyo Olympics bribery case

Tokyo prosecutors have raided the headquarters of an Osaka-based advertising agency in connection with a Tokyo Olympics bribery case.

Investigators from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office are searching the head offices of Daiko Advertising in Tokyo and the city of Osaka.


Japanese National Soccer Team's New Uniform Revealed

Japanese national soccer team's new uniform revealed

Members of Japan's national soccer team will wear a new uniform with a design based on a Japanese traditional art at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The uniform, which was redesigned for the first time in about three years, was revealed to the public on Monday.


Prosecutors Investigate Bribery Allegations Related To The 2020 Olympics

Prosecutors investigate bribery allegations related to the 2020 Olympics

A former executive of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee is being investigated over a lucrative consulting fee that he received from a firm that sponsored the Games. It has been revealed that Takahashi Haruyuki and the firm's ex-chairman are old acquaintances.

Tokyo prosecutors searched Takahashi's residence and other sites on Tuesday.


Ex - Olympic Organizing Committee Director, 3 Others Arrested

Ex-Olympic organizing committee director, 3 others arrested

A former director of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has been arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes. Prosecutors in Tokyo also arrested three others related to a clothing company that had sponsored the Tokyo Games on suspicion of bribery. Prosecutors have not revealed whether the four have admitted to the allegations.

The arrested individuals are former organizing committee executive Takahashi Haruyuki, former chairman and founder of business suit retailer Aoki Holdings, Aoki Hironori, Aoki's younger brother who is a former Aoki Holdings vice chairman, as well as a former president at a subsidiary company.


Ex - Olympic Organizing Committee Director Arrested

Ex-Olympic organizing committee director arrested

A former director of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has been arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes. 78-year-old Takahashi Haruyuki was taken into custody by Tokyo District Prosecutors.

Last month, prosecutors searched the head office of Aoki Holdings near Tokyo and an office of a subsidiary firm in Tokyo. Prosecutors suspect the retailer may have given huge sums of money to Takahashi as a bribe. Takahashi is said to have denied any wrongdoing before the arrest.


Prosecutors Raid Home Of Ex - Olympic Committee Exec Suspected Of Graft

Prosecutors raid home of ex-Olympic committee exec suspected of graft

Tokyo prosecutors have raided the home of a former executive of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee suspected of receiving a lucrative consulting fee from a sponsor.

The prosecutors searched Takahashi Haruyuki's residence, the headquarters of Tokyo-based advertising agency Dentsu, and other sites on Tuesday.