Soccer Fans Pray For Japan's Victory At Shrine Of 3 - Legged Crow

Soccer fans pray for Japan's victory at shrine of 3-legged crow

Fans and supporters of the Japan squad are praying for the team's victory in the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament at a shrine which features the symbol of the Japan Football Association.

The symbol is a three-legged crow named "Yatagarasu." It is associated with the Kumano Kotai Shrine in the town of Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture.

Folklore says that Yatagarasu helped Yamato Takeru, a semi-legendary prince, and his soldiers more than 1900 years ago.

The crow is said to have given them directions when they were lost in a dense fog in the Usui Pass at the edge of Karuizawa.

Chief priest Mizusawa Takafumi says that the number of visitors to the shrine has increased since Japan defeated Germany in its opening game.

He added that he hopes Yatagarasu will guide Japan's national team to win again as it will face Costa Rica on Sunday in the FIFA World Cup.

A woman who came to pray for another win said that she was really happy when Japan won against Germany.