The Ps5's Fan Seems To Be A Massive Improvement Over The Ps4

The PS5's Fan Seems To Be A Massive Improvement Over The PS4

Like most computers, the PS5 comes with a built-in fan to deal with heating. As the console plays more intensive games, components start to heat up and the fan speed is kicked up to help address the heat generated by the console to prevent overheating. This is normal, but unlike the PS4, the PS5’s fan seems to be a huge improvement in terms of noise levels.

We’ve all come across PCs, laptops, and consoles that have extremely loud fans. Sometimes it’s not noticeable over the sound of the game you’re playing, but if you are the type that’s sensitive to noise, then this could be an issue. However, an early hands-on review by Japanese YouTube channel 4Gamer, they found that while playing games like Godfall, the PS5’s fan seems to be relatively quiet.

The review notes that the console did get hot while playing the game, which is normal, but at the same time, the fans didn’t seem to be going crazy and was relatively quiet, at least compared to the PS4.

According to the review, “At that point, I noticed that the operating noise of the main unit is also very quiet. I tend to forget it because I concentrate during gameplay, but it didn’t make a ‘roar’ when I went near the main unit. The PS4’s rfan noise becomes more noticeable as soon as the load increases, but the PS5’s impression is less noticeable.”

That being said, this is largely anecdotal evidence, but it does seem like a good sign for would-be PS5 customers, so if you were worried about noise levels, then maybe the PS5 could alleviate those concerns.

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