Ohtani To Both Hit And Pitch For Team Japan At World Baseball Classic

Ohtani to both hit and pitch for Team Japan at World Baseball Classic

Major league superstar Ohtani Shohei will make full use of his two-way talents on Team Japan in next year's World Baseball Classic, as his manager has said he will pick him both as a pitcher and a batter.

The Los Angeles Angel announced his intention to play in the tournament last month, and said he was looking forward to the opportunity to play in front of Japanese fans for the first time in over five years.


Soccer Fans In Tokyo Delighted At Japanese Team's Victory

Soccer fans in Tokyo delighted at Japanese team's victory

Soccer fans in Tokyo cheered loudly when Japan beat Spain in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The victory secured Japan's advance to the knockout stage.

About 420 supporters gathered at a viewing venue in Tokyo's Minato Ward to watch the crucial match early on Friday morning. The game would determine whether Japan's Samurai Blue team would advance or drop out.


Japan Soccer Coach: Team Will Do Its Best For Next Match With Spain

Japan soccer coach: Team will do its best for next match with Spain

Japan's national soccer coach Moriyasu Hajime says the team did not fully implement its strategy during Sunday's FIFA World Cup loss to Costa Rica.

Speaking soon after the 0-1 defeat, Moriyasu said the squad managed not to concede a goal and also to find chances to score for most of the match. But he said Japan's strategy was only partially implemented until the final minutes.


Soccer Fans Pray For Japan's Victory At Shrine Of 3 - Legged Crow

Soccer fans pray for Japan's victory at shrine of 3-legged crow

Fans and supporters of the Japan squad are praying for the team's victory in the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament at a shrine which features the symbol of the Japan Football Association.

The symbol is a three-legged crow named "Yatagarasu." It is associated with the Kumano Kotai Shrine in the town of Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture.


Japanese Soccer Fans Tweet Apologies For Underestimating Team

Japanese soccer fans tweet apologies for underestimating team

Japan's stunning World Cup comeback victory against Germany had Japanese fans apologizing on Twitter for underestimating the Samurai Blue -- including its head coach Moriyasu Hajime.

Fans tweeted before Wednesday's game between Japan and four-time champion Germany: "Even a draw against Germany would count as a major upset" and "Moriyasu doesn't inspire confidence."