Upgraded Subaru Brz Prototype Spotted Testing At Fuji Speedway

Upgraded Subaru BRZ prototype spotted testing at Fuji Speedway

The 2022 Subaru BRZ may have just been officially revealed last month, but an upgraded version has already been spotted testing in Japan at Fuji Speedway. Though camouflaged, the car seen is unmistakably the second-generation of Subaru's lightweight, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe. And, it's wearing some aero bits not seen on the stock version.


Notably, the prototype has a larger front air dam, small winglets along the rocker panels just fore of the rear wheels, and a rear underside spoiler. It was spotted at the track by Twitter user @taku_saf1, who also captured some short but snazzy video. In it, test drivers sling the BRZ around Fuji's tricky Turn 15 in a perfectly executed, tire-squealing drift. The tossable little coupe is positively in its element.

リアのスタビリティ高そうなのと、アドバンとか見てると普通に今のより速い pic.twitter.com/8WqpzmbEKg

While many are hoping for a turbocharged or STI version of the upcoming BRZ, this does not appear to be it. Instead, it's likely a prototype for evaluating official aftermarket accessories, or a track-tuned version like the BRZ tS. In other words, STI probably has a hand in the prototype, but it won't be a full-blown STI variant wearing the Subaru Technica International name like the WRX STI.

Whatever's happening, it's very much an official affair. Additional photos from the same user show the BRZ tailing a yellow Legacy Wagon (too bad we never got that color here) with a camera attachment. In others, the Subaru SuperGT team tinkers with their 2021 GT300 race car in the paddocks.

In any case, the next BRZ looks like it will continue to be an entertaining platform for driving enthusiasts and shade-tree tuners alike.