Ican Kawasaki: Treaty Will Give Us Momentum

ICAN Kawasaki: Treaty will give us momentum

A key Japanese member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, or ICAN, has expressed joy at the UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons reaching the required 50 ratifications to go into effect.

ICAN International Steering Group member Kawasaki Akira looked back on the path he took with many atomic bomb survivors during an online news conference.

He said that they worked on sharing the horrible experiences of the atomic bombings and communicating lasting pain and suffering of the survivors to the world.

He said that he wants to celebrate the occasion with the survivors who told the world in their own words never to use nuclear weapons again and the people who have suffered due to nuclear tests.

He added that with the UN treaty, nuclear weapons will be deemed illegal and that it is the beginning of the end of such weapons.

He stressed that they are determined to continue working toward abolishing nuclear weapons, with the treaty giving momentum to the movement.